Movycube & Alessandrina VS Nasso & Peste Ana
Semi-Final Battle Authentik Vol 8 (FRANCE)

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Movycube Highlights at Cypher of Culture Germany 2017  +   1st Place at Street Kings & Give it up Wild Card 2017

Mowgly & Movycube vs Navi. Like a bomb 2017

Porto World Battle 2017 Final (Movycube & Alessandrina Vs Jilou & Kenji)

Pisa All Battle 2017 Final

Pisa All Battle 2017 Movycube (Winner)

Red Bull BC One Italy 2017 top 16 Bboys

Porto World Battle 2017 Movycube & Alessandrina (Winners)

Like a Bomb 2017 Mowgly & Movycube top 16

 PortoWorldBattle 2017

1st Place Bonnie & Clyde

Movycube & Alessandrina        (ITALY)


Best Bboy title of the
 Urban Connection 8th Edition (France) 2016
1st Place at longest airflare contest