Country of origin :  Italy Sicily (Catania)

D.O.B 07/10/92

Occupation: Strictly Bboy Artist - Bboy
Performer - Entertainment - Breakdance Teacher

My Name is Damiano Muni alias "Movycube", born in Catania the 7th October 1992, Street Underground Artist since 2000.
  • Strictly Bboy Artist, Performer, Entertainment. Representative artist of the Hip Hop culture in the City of Catania, in Italy and around the World. Member of the Following crew/team:
( Lihai - Mighty Sicily - Terronix - The Italians). Practitioner and Promoter of Three out of five elements of the Hip Hop Culture (Breaking, Djing, Knowledge). Founder of the “Cube Movement” in 2012 “The Cultural Movement of the first Hip Hop Community of practitioners in Sicily who spreads throughout in the City of Catania, Sicily and South Italy about the Hip Hop Scene; Promoting Events, Make and exchange Music, Meeting, Jam Session, Dj set, Open Practice, Workshops.
  • 1st Place at Hypnoise Breaking Battle 2018 (ITALY)
  • 1st Place at Born With Style Breaking Battle 2018 (ITALY)
  • 1st Place at Back to the Roots Breaking battle 2018 (ITALY)
  • 1/8 of Final at Fluido Jam 11th World Final 2017 
  • 1st Place at Feel da Bounce Sicily qualifier (2017)
  • 1st Place at Urban Supremacy 1vs1 Bboying Italy 2017
  • 2nd Place at Battle Authentic 8 Bonnie & Clyde (France) 2017
  • Judge at Maze Festival Torino Italy 2017
  • Dj set for Giorno Zero 2.0 Battle Italy 2017
  • Judge at Funk Summer Battle Italy 2017
  • Dj set for Calabreaking Italy Battle 2017
  • Judge at Hip Hop Connection Arena 3.0  2017
  • Semi-final at Give it up Italy 2017
  • 1st Place at Street King + wild card Give it up 2017
  • Final at Cypher of Culture 7th Edition Germany) 2017
  • Top 16 Like a Bomb 2017 in Milan (Italy) Mowgly & Movycube
  • Semi-Final at Break Mission 2vs2 Bboying Battle (UK) 2017
  • 1st Place Pisa All Battle 2017 Bboying  1vs1 Battle
  • Semi - Final 1vs1 Bboying Porto World Battle 2017
  • 1st Place at Porto World Battle 2017 Bonnie & Clyde
  • Red Bull Bc One Italy Cypher 2017 top 16
  • Best Bboy title of the Urban Connection event 8th Edition (France) 2016
  • 1st Place at Solo Gas crew vs Crew 2016
  • Semi- Final at Solo Gas 1vs1 Breaking Contest 2016
  •  Semi -Final At Red Bull Bc One Italy Camp 2016
  • Top 32 FreeStyle Session World final 2015 (USA)
  • 1st Place Rock the Beach Crew on Crew 2015 (USA)
  •  1st Place Break Mission X Just Jam 2015 (UK)
  • 1st Place Give it Up International  2015 (ITALY)
  •  Semi-final Street Fighter World Final 2015 Crew vs Crew (ITALY)
  •  Top 8 Bboys  Red Bull Bc One Italy National Cypher (ITALY)
  •  1st Place Red Bull Bc One Sicily Cypher 2015 (ITALY)
  •  Semi-final Feel da Bounce in Sardinia (ITALY)
  • 1st Place Uragano Red Bull Breaking Contest (ITALY)
  • 1st Place Feel Da Bounce Qualifier 2014 (ITALY)
  •  1st Place Southinvasion 2104 Breaking Contest (ITALY)
  • 1st Place Hyper Week 2014 Breaking Contest (ITALY)
  •  1st Place Street Kings 2014 Breaking Contest (ITALY)
  •  2nd Place Red Bull Bc One Itlay National Cypher (ITALY)
  •  1st Place Telethon Breaking Contest 2014 (ITALY)
  •  1st Place Hyper week Breaking Contest 2013 (ITALY)
  •  2nd  Place Top 4 soul Fresh Breaking contest (ITALY)
  •  1st Place Southinvasion Breaking Contest 2013 (ITALY)
  •  Official italian leader & Member of the Battle Holex Worldwide Crew 2103
  • Judge King of the Bboys 6th Edition (UK) 2013
  •  Judge Break Mission Manchester (UK) 2012
  •  1st Place King of the Bboys 5th Edition 2012
  •  Top 4 Crew represent at RuphortBattle 2011 (GERMANY)
  •  1st Place Palermo Hip Hop Dayz 2011 (ITALY)
  • Invite for Welsh Bboy Championship 2011 (WALES - UK)
  •  3rd Place as Crew Battle Of The Year Italy 2011 (ITALY)
  •  1st Place Sicily Talent Festival 2011 (ITALY)
  •  1st Place Jam in the Hill Breaking solo 2011 (ITALY)
  •  1St  Place xmas Jam  2010 (ITALY)
  •  2nd Place Powermoves Southinvasion Contest 2010 (ITALY)
  •  1st Place as Crew Southinvasion Contest 2010 (ITALY)
  •  1st Place Shadow In the Circle Jam 2010 (ITALY)
  •  2nd  Place Red Bull Bc One Italy Club Tour Naples 2010 (ITALY)
  •  1st Place Beach For Fighters 2010 (ITALY)
  •  1st Place Beach For Fighters 2009 (ITALY)
  •  1st Place “2Souls Street” 2008 (ITALY)
  •  2nd Place “Gustodopalsole” 2007 (ITALY).

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